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Have you been to the Home Page? Then you shouldn't be wondering what the purpose of this site is. :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I do here?
  • Check out places in Newtown (Pennsylvania). There are reviews and photos. Contribute by writing your own reviews or rating the places you've been to. Even upload your own photos of the place or the plate you got served. Be careful of taking pictures of menus, as the place may not be happy about their prices being published online.
  • What are these tags I see listed under places (e.g. Sushi)?
  • The idea is to have each restaurant/bar/cafe tagged with several different... tags, thus informing everyone what one may expect to find when going there. So in the Sushi example, you'll find (any guesses?) sushi being served there. You can also consider tags to be describing what the place's specialty is.

    Keep in mind that tags don't necessarily apply to food only. Take Outdoor Seating, for example. As you may have guessed, outdoor seating is available at the place. The odds of any restaurant providing edible outdoor seating are slim.

  • What if some tags on the site are inaccurate, outdated or inappropriate?
  • There are several things you can to help resolve these problems: tell us about it or fix it yourself. You can fix the problem by editing the tags, if you're a registered contributor.
  • How do I contribute to the site? What does it involve? And what do I get out of it?
  • Your contribution may include: writing reviews, rating and tagging places or adding your own photos Photos icon. To be able to contribute, you need to fill out and submit a small Registration form. And you get the satisfaction of knowing that you've helped improve someone's dining experience. Karma, baby!
  • Help, I can't find the registration page! Where is it? Where am I?
  • Registration page is here. You can also get to it by clicking the Login link on top, which will provide you with a New user registration link. Oh, we can't help you with that last one.
  • Okay, I've registered, logged in and ready to review. What do I write?
  • Well it wouldn't be any fun if we told you what to write. The fundamentals of the review might include: the quality, variety and price of food, the service offered, amenities available, parking tips or whatever else you think others may find to be useful information.
  • Uhh... what?
  • You can always shoot an email over to: Contact Us

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Site Development Updates

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  • Add tag editor to submission page
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  • Refactor full list page
  • Added nav sub-menu dropdowns
  • Added admin section to manage users (10/31/2009)
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  • Add more content to Other Stuff
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  • Client-side code minification
  • Take over the world!


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