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Appologies, but this site has been retired. Links have been disabled and no content has been updated in quite a few years.


Along with its rich history, Newtown possesses a vast number of places to get a bite. Whether you are in the mood for a great steak dinner, Chinese take-out, ice cream or just want to grab a few drinks with friends, Newtown has it all. So let us point out a few noteworthy places to you!

If you're looking for a place to sit down for a nice meal, browse through the restaurants Newtown has to offer. "No time to sit, I need a quick fix!" you say? No problem, there are plenty of fast-food and snack spots for those on the go. There's even a bit of a nightlife scene in Newtown, so head over to the Drinks page to find a watering hole to your liking.

Newtown Brewfest '09

The 4th annual Newtown Brewfest has come and gone. The weather gods have blessed us with a few dry (and even sunny) hours on Saturday to enjoy our beers from over 80 different breweries. Thank you to all the event sponsors and organizers. Here are a few pictures we were able to take before getting tipsy.


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